HTTPyok/6.999d Access Granted | soon 9 Trivia: Mr. Donald John Trump appeared in which 1992 movie? (a) Home Alone 2 | (b) Reservoir Dogs | (c) Sneakers? He has not aged one bit.
HTTPyok/6.999d Accès Autorisé | bientôt 9The House of Cards Hotel chain is proud to announce the nomination of DonaldOut as its President, CEO, official toilet scrubber and all-around king. DonaldOut coming soon to a garage next to you. This note isn’t true.  You can call it  alternative facts...Disappointed? President Trump, you know that 7,444,269,900 human beings love you. Is this also an alternative fact? Signage surrounding the subject: Last exit before tollbooth. Or maybe, just maybe, a mirage. Oil and Trends: Pay now, Fill up later. This note comes from Jean Renoir.

Donald J. Trump A new kind of Clown with a small c very very small.

Donald John Trump Who said what ? When ? Where ? Whoy ? Whom ?  Qui ?

Qui soutient les États-Unis - Who backs the US
Qui soutient les États-Unis - Who backs the US
A Hot 4th of July comming from space
Donald John Trump Still there to make sure you're sleeping.  Allumes !

This painting of René Després is part of the private collection of the artist.

Version française French version

The House of Cards Hotel chain The Garbage Hotels chain are proud to announce the nomination of DonaldOut as President CEO and Official Cleaner.

Toute ressemblance avec des faits réels ne serait que pure coincidence. Any ressemblance to real facts would be pure coincidence.

 This work is dedicated to you by
dOnalLdS out the video diapo

7,444,269,899 concerned human beings.

short movie film video diapo Després Despres Horses




Oil and Ink on cavas signed

René Després
2016 96"x72"

The music is a special tribute to Leonard Cohen (RIP)

                                                                                                  L’œuvre fait partie du catalogue privé DESPRÉS   |   The painting is part of the outgoing private DESPRÉS catalogue.



Contact : Jean Renoir jr